Would you know what to do in a security breach?


There’s a gap between “what’s out there” on the threat horizon and the typical organization’s ability to face it—and that gap is ever-widening.

Why? Today’s security landscape shifts rapidly. It’s simply much harder than it’s ever been to identify threats, analyze the risk they represent, make a plan to mitigate those risks and get that plan implemented organization-wide. If you’re like most businesses, that’s a tall order.

Unfortunately, Boards of Directors and shareholders are starting to see security not only as a responsibility of the C-suite, but an accountability.

If your organization were compromised tomorrow, would you be ready to handle the fallout?

In the wake of breach after breach, hard questions are being asked—and they’re starting to be answered with C-level firings, lawsuits and criminal negligence charges.

If your organization were compromised next month, would you know what to ask your security team? More importantly, do you know what to ask them today to prevent next month’s breach?

Secure Anchor can help you contextualize the security incidents you hear about in the news, then more closely examine your own security controls to help prevent the same thing from happening in your organization. We can give you the “technological literacy” skills you need to fully understand your security posture, and deliver intelligent reports on risk to anyone who’s asking—governors, auditors, reporters or stakeholders.

Most importantly, we can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for—so you can sleep safely knowing your company will stay out of the headlines… And you’ll stay out of trouble.